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Ron Montgomery
2310 W. 11th St.
Irving, TX 75060

Phone:  214-596-9609
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Let my SEO techniques drive traffic to your Website and my compelling sales message close the deal for you

I've been a freelance sales writer and marketing consultant for over twenty years. I have worked with international corporations in Europe writing and translating their business materials to make them more compelling and persuasive to an international audience. Now back in the U.S. I help companies like yours increase their bottom line by showing their prospects how fabulous their products and services really are. I can do the same for you.

I have studied copywriting with AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) through their courses, live seminars, webinars and personal coaching. I have learned the most cherished techniques and methods in the advertising business – all designed to convince your prospect to buy your products and services.

So whether you have a current project, a future project, or are not quite sure what you need, give me a call or send me an email, and we'll discuss a marketing plan to build sales for your business.

Don’t wait another day to kick off your next project. There is no obligation or charge to discuss your business needs.

Another thing – my fee is just a drop in the bucket compared to the new business you’ll get. So, in the end, my services won’t cost you one red cent.